Obtaining the secret knowledge: Is it worth the risk?

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You’re living your life. You’re working your job. You’re in a comfortable relationship.

Then, one day, as you’re walking along the sidewalk, on a simple errand, you’re sent a text message.

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It’s a text message from an friend who lives on the other side of the country. You haven’t spoken to her in years. The text message contains a link to a website.

You stop at a coffeehouse, order a coffee, sit down, and watch the video.

You visit the website and watch a YouTube video that’s been posted on their main page. Watching it, you are baffled. At first, you look at the title of the YouTube video and think “this is ridiculous” and “there’s no way that this could be real.”

coffeehouse in brooklyn

Out of amusement, you decide to watch the video. As the minutes pass, the video presents evidence upon evidence, using scientific, provable experiments, pictures, and video footage, your mind begins to expand. Slowly, you are wrapping your head around something that, at first, appeared to be fiction, but that now appears to have some veracity to it.

You are obtaining the secret knowledge.

What will you do with it?

Will you share it with others? Will you keep it for yourself? How will it shape your life?

Some people have no interest in finding out the truth about anything because knowing the truth brings with it a responsibility that they refuse to bear. It’s almost understandable to want to remain blissfully ignorant about things in order to float in the currents of the status quo.

But I’m not talking about some people. I’m talking about you. Are you ready to obtain the secret knowledge? About something that appears so completely ridiculous yet has a groundswell of evidence that is growing daily, so much so that it will rise from the ocean of ignorance and spew forth like birthed volcano?

Is obtaining the secret knowledge worth the risk for you? The risk to shake your assumptions about life? About your current job, your values, your identity, and your future?

I will be sharing this secret knowledge with you very soon.



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