On the Verge of Everything

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Sometimes, I feel like I’m on the verge of everything.

outdoor movie screening in New York City
I find myself pushing stones in different directions.

Each stone represents a creative project. One stone is a musical. Another stone is a feature-length screenplay in pre-production for a feature film. Another stone is research and then action into making-money-online.

Upper East Side, NYC rooftop

Inevitably, as I push each stone, more ideas spring up all around me. Some I admire and take mental photographs of, by making notes on them. Others, I take notes that will likely be dismissed until some future date. I continue to push the stone, until it reaches the edge of completion.

At some point, all of the stones will reach the edge of completion. They will drop from the edge, fall through the sky, and plummet into the geography of someone else’s landscape. The inhabitants of that landscape will find the stones and see them for their own purpose. I will watch from the edge, for the edge is where you get the best view. I will watch, and wonder.



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