This is a “test” store where you will be able to buy all the ebooks and “info-packages” (bundled information) in one place, for one low price.

Why am I selling these for a reduced price? (This is called a bundle, where you can buy a bundle-of-items for a reduced price.) I am preparing to write several new ebooks and also developing a bunch of landing pages for these ebooks, as well as new websites in various categories. The ideas keep coming. 🙂

For the low price of $37 dollars, you’ll get …

Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land ($97)
The Shift Diet ($17)
How to Travel Europe Cheap aka How to Travel Europe for $1.50 a Day or Less ($17)
Drive Without Insurance ($37)

And you can even sign up for my affiliate program (takes about 15 minutes to get the link), where you share the link to “Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land” with people. If they purchase the ebook, you earn $42.50 a sale. You sell 3 a day and you earn $120 dollars a day. Set up a system. Sell the ebook. Make money. Work from anywhere.

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