The Best Towels You Can Buy Online

the best towels you can buy

I discovered the best towels you can buy online. They’re soft, fluffy, come in a variety of colors, and, if you have Amazon Prime, come with free shipping. Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton, 27″ x 54″ ,Set of 4,White

Don’t have time to read this article. Just click the link below to read the reviews of the best towels you can buy!

Why did I need new towels? Keep reading to find out.

the best bath towels you can buy
the best bath towels you can buy

AirBnB Aftermath
I live in a massive loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. It’s about 5,000 or 6,000 square feet, an entire floor, the 4th floor, with freight elevator and stairs, in a 5-story building that was once-an-old-factory but is now divided up into retail space and artist’s studios. Our floor is for A.I.R. (Artists In Residence) and although most of us are creative, it is essentially a roommate situation. There are 9 roommates living here. We all have small sized rooms with loft beds in them to save space.

This past Christmas, since I was going to West Palm Beach, Florida to spend time with my family and friends, I decided to AirBnB my room. You can see my AirBnB profile by clicking here.

These two guys from the United Kingdom stayed in my room. They used the bathroom and, seeing that it was leaking, used my towels to wipe the water off the floor. I was perplexed as to why they would use bath towels on the floor, especially the floor of this loft, where two feral cats and one non-feral, fluffy cat roam around. When I returned to the loft, I saw the towels were hanging to dry and they were stained with black marks and smelled like cat urine. I expressed my disappointment to the two English guys but the one answering the email said it was rude that I did not tell him that the bathtub leaked. It was rude of him to use the bath towels on the floor.

The Best Towels You Can Buy
So, I needed new towels. Because I have Amazon Prime this task is made easy for me.

Steps to finding and buying the best towels online
1. Go to Amazon Prime If you do not have an Amazon Prime account, sign up for one. It’s worth it because you get free shipping, free TV and movies to watch on your laptop or phone or tablet, and you offer Amazon Prime membership to 5 of your family or friends.

2. Search for “best towels”. Or just click the link below.

The Lowdown on Genuine 100% Turkish cotton bath towels

Best Bath Towels You Can Buy – Genuine 100% Turkish Cotton
Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton, 27″ x 54″ ,Set of 4,White

• Woven with 100% Ring Spun Turkish Cotton
• Imported
• Set of 4 Bath Towels
• Soft, Luxurious, Durable, Elegant, Absorbent, and Stylish
• Dimensions: 27 x 54 Inches, 700+ GSM (grams per square meter)
• Machine Washable and Dryable

Amazon Reviews of the best bath towels you can buy online

I ordered these towels and an Amazon house brand Pinzon Egyptian Cotton 625 gram weight towel set at the same time. I was very pleased with both products. This towel is slightly softer, and a little heavier/thicker than the 625 gram Pinzon. While both towels are the same length the Pinzon is 4 inches wider. The Pinzon is made in Pakistan and the this towel is made in Turkey a country known for terrycloth robes and towels.

the best towels you can buy
the best towels you can buy

Is this this heaviest, softest, nicest towel I have ever seen. No. If you visit a high end department store, you can find a thicker, softer towel, by a designer name that is better but it will cost you well over twenty dollars a towel, twice the price of these. These towels are a superb value at $10.00 each. This towel is as good or better as any towel you will find in the $15.00 to $20.00 range at Target, Lands End, and the like. I am at a loss to explain the handful of one and two star reviews for this product. If I had to give category grades I would say Softness A, Weight A, Size B+/A-, Value A+. I would order this product again without hesitation.

These towels are so soft & feel luxurious to me. They are absorbent, too. I just love them. I want more when I feel like I can spend the money. I don’t like spending $10 for 1 towel, but these are totally worth it. At some point, I will order the wash cloths and hand towels.

These towels are definitely soft and thick. They are not oversize big but perfect for shower and bath. I suggest drying these towels on medium heat in order to preserve the integrity of the fabric.

These towels are amazing. They are even better than I expected. I bought the product based on all of the great reviews, and I am happy to say that I am not disappointed. The towels are soft yet durable. They do not cause too much fuzziness when washed and dried. They are truly the quality of the towels that you find in luxury resorts. I have had house-guests comment on them and ask where I got them. They are also a great size, unlike many towels which I find to be a little small.

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